Legal advice on International Trade

Raso & Asociados Lawyers offers in the International Law Area, an advisory service specialized in International Trade and Investment, both national and international.

From the beginning of the economic crisis, with the objective of sustain and growth the national companies,  we have helped to contribute with the opening of our companies to foreign markets with a better internal product demand. Our work has been continuous and the results remarkable.

The services we provide are the following:

• Export / import consulting: We offer advice to national clients who wish to expand their business in foreign countries or who need to place their product in international markets. Likewise, we advise foreign clients who wish to sell their product in our internal market.

• Drafting of International Sales Contracts: We analyze the needs of the client and we prepare international sales contracts. The needs of each exporter / importer are completely different, so the protection of the company and product in the commercial traffic of each operation must be preceded by a strong prior analysis and work, by both the client and our lawyers.

• International Distribution Contracts: Agency contracts, distribution, franchising and intermediation. We advise on the preparation of such contracts, as well as for contracting on them.

• Elaboration of pre-contractual agreements: We prepare pre-agreements of sale with foresight and detail of the possible situations of controversy. The predictability of all situations helps to avoid any shocks in the event of an unexpected incident.

• Choice of Incoterms: We negotiate with the parties the incoterms appropriate to their needs and the exposure to the compromised risk that they will like to assume.

• Contracting an international insurance: We negotiate with the insurance company the conditions of merchandise insurance, coverage and the cost of it.

• Advice on customs controls, customs procedures and logistics: We guide the company in the intricate customs world. Which port to choose, what value to declare or what steps to complete are some of the points that should be taken into account in commercial traffic.

• International means of payment: Documentary credit, bank guarantee, international transfers, etc. We show you what is the procedure to follow in contracting and during the development of the transaction.

• Preparation of reports and opinions: We prepare specific studies on sectors, products and services that the company needs to introduce in a certain market. We analyze legislation, taxation and administrative procedures.

• Litigation: Our specialized lawyers prepare lawsuits, offer defense and act on arbitration (ADR) the possible conflicts and disputes that our clients have.