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The new visa for digital nomads allow foreign workers to carry out their work remotely in Palma de Mallorca and Spain. In this article we will show you the requirements, the advantages and everything you need to know before applying this Digital Nomad Visa Card for Palma de Mallorca and Spain

What requirements must I meet to access this Digital Nomad Visa?

To Obtain the Digital Nomad Visa Card, we must differentiate between 2 kind of workers:

  • Employed workers, the contracting company must have been in operation for one year, and the worker must have been hired for a minimum of three months. The contract must not be less than one year, you must prove that your position is suitable for teleworking and that the company has expressly authorized you to do so. You must have an annual salary of €30,240.

  • Self-employed workers, you must prove that you work for at least one company, outside of Spain, with which you have a relationship, for at least three months prior to the application; and that the conditions of your contract allow the exercise of teleworking. Income received in Spain cannot exceed 20% of the total invoiced.
    Whether you are an employee or a self-employed worker, you must demonstrate that you have professional training or experience:
    •Demonstrable experience of 3 years related to the job position reflected in the application.
    •Be a graduate or postgraduate from prestigious universities, having completed professional training studies or business schools of recognized prestige.
    -Not having a criminal record, nor being prohibited from entering Spain, a criminal record certificate may be provided, valid for at least 90 days, legalized and apostilled.
    -Provide a responsible declaration of the absence of criminal records in the last 5 years.
    -Fill out the form available on the website of the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration.
    -Pay the fee 790 038.
    -Have contracted private medical insurance with full coverage throughout Spain.

So, If you match one of these requirements, you are eligible to obtain a Digital Nomad Visa for Spain and Palma de Mallorca

What are the tax advantages?

Employed workers will pay income tax as non-residents (IRNR). To benefit from this measure, you must, after obtaining the residence authorization, and within 6 months, submit an application to the Spanish Tax Agency. . The deferral of the IRNR may be requested in the first and second year with a positive tax base. Furthermore, if you have been in Spain for less than 5 years you will pay a fixed tax rate of 24% if you have income between €12,500 and €20,199, 30% for income between €20,200 and €35,199, 37% between €35,200 and €59,999, and 48%. if they exceed €600,000. The obligation to pay the wealth tax or to file the Form 720 information return is eliminated.

How can I apply for this Digital Nomad Visa Card?

The procedure must be carried out through the UGE, and can be done:
• From the country of origin, through the Consulate, with a 1-year visa that will allow you to enter Spain, being able to apply once in the country for a three-year residence card, renewable for another two.
• Directly in Spain with a tourist visa, subsequently requesting a permit lasting three years, renewable for another two, until obtaining permanent residence.
The resolution period is 20 days, if the administration does not respond, the administrative silence will be positive, that is, the application is considered admitted, with the favorable resolution you will be able to go to the fingerprint process to obtain the residence card.

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