The Firm


Raso & Associates is a law firm based in Palma de Mallorca, founded in 1993 under the leading lawyer Management Soledad Raso Périz.

The history of this Law Firm dates from 1993. During these years of legal practice, R&A has been capitulating legal areas of Civil, Criminal and Administrative law, solving the problems of their customers.

The company is constantly updated globally and expands its services accordingly to the constant social and legislative changes that arise.

R&A specializes mainly in the area of damage claim, Traffic Accident Compensation and healthcare purposes. Possessing a high rate of success in the field of Compensation in case of Traffic Accident. Highlighting the high performance of the firm in this field.

In the field of healthcare and Lifestyle Law, the firm acts as the regional representative of the Balearic Islands and as members of the National Patient Advocate Association (Asociación el Defensor del Paciente) providing legal cover to those affected by medical malpractice.

In the area of health law, hospitals and medical staff are under great stress and work troubles. Strikes, layoffs and poor working conditions, affect negatively to the quality of interventions.
This situation sometimes leads to inappropriate treatments, surgical errors and Medical Malpractice.
A medical negligence, because a bad medical practice causes the appearance of complicated personal situations and familiar scenes bleak.

For this reason it is necessary to clarify and assess the actions taken by the medical personnel, in order that those affected can understand the reason for the failure and the extent of the facts.
In this way it is possible to treat victims and compensate them appropriately according to the severity of their situation.



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